Have You Thanked an Employee Today?

There can be so many problems and situations that arise daily for a front-line manager that it can sometimes be easy to forget those who help you do your job better. It’s hard to focus on the positive actions your employees took and easy to fight the next fire.

Today, I ask you to slow down and think about those employees who are helping you by going above and beyond to do their job well. Here are some ideas that I’ve tried in the past, or have seen others try that work well:

  1. Hand them a thank you card – Go to the Hallmark section of any Walgreens or grocery store and buy a box or package of blank inside thank you cards. Keep this in your drawer and write a personalized note once in awhile inside the card to give to the employee. They will appreciate the personal touch.
  2. Give them a $5 Starbucks card – These can be purchased at any Starbucks and who doesn’t like free, top-grade coffee?
  3. Recognize them in front of their peers – Call a huddle or quick meeting and personally thank them in front of their peers. Give them a note or a handshake and say something sincere about how what they did helped the team or helped you do your job better.
  4. Bring in donuts or muffins – For a team thank you, a boss can earn kudos by bringing in a tasty breakfast! Donuts from the local donut shop, or muffins (my favorite are Costco’s!) are tasty and most will love them!
  5. Pat on the back / handshake / and a thank you – In the middle of the workday, approach the employee, and sincerely thank them for what they did. Tell them how what they did made a big difference (be specific), and give them a handshake or a pat on the back.

Today, I want you to thank an employee! Leave me a comment on what you do to personally recognize an employee’s effort. Also, subscribe to my blog by clicking Follow and follow me on twitter @JoeCroarkin!


thank you


Author: Joe Croarkin

Husband, father of three, brother of four

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