volunteer-1326758_1280Nothing builds a greater camaraderie with your work team than volunteering together for something that you are collectively passionate about.  You may already know of some passions of your team, such as a coworker who volunteers.  You can try to help recruit others in the workplace to join you to get behind a great cause.  Wouldn’t it be great to get behind what they are passionate about?  Wouldn’t it be great to get behind what you’re passionate about?

My colleague, Debbie, is rallying her team behind a great cause, Big Brothers Big Sisters of Northern Nevada. In turn, her team will be able to “toss their boss”: she and some of her team will be able to rappel down the side of one of our area’s tallest buildings, the Grand Sierra Resort!  Over the Edge, an organization that helps non-profits raise money with these types of events, conducts this event.

My colleague is doing what she’s passionate about, by helping Big Brothers Big Sisters, and she’s building camaraderie within her team at the same time.

There are people and organizations that you connect with that need your help.

If you’re an animal lover, the Humane Society could use you.


If you would like to help an elder, check out the AARP or local organizations on Google.


If you or a loved one has been affected by cancer, volunteer for the Relay for Life.


If you want to make a big impact in a child’s life who needs your friendship, consider Big Brothers Big Sisters.  The children you would be helping might be living in a single parent home, be in poverty, or do not have their parents there to raise them. Helping children, indeed helping people, is a great calling, and I will be signing up for Big Brothers Big Sisters next month when my academics are over.


“To ease another’s heartache is to forget one’s own.”
– Abraham Lincoln

What are you passionate about?  Do you currently volunteer for any organizations?  Please let me know and leave a comment below.

If you would like to help Debbie raise money for BBBS, please follow the link below:



Author: Joe Croarkin

Husband, father of three, brother of four

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