Helping the Team Do Their Best


Trust is a value I hold dear. It’s equally important in a working relationship. As an employee, I trust my manager will give me a chance to do my best. As a manager, it’s vitally important that I uphold this trust and give them a chance to do their best.

Keep the following leadership principles in mind when helping your team do their best:


Give your employees the opportunities to make decisions and to solve problems that they see. Empowering is difficult to do as it takes patience with your employee as they may make mistakes. Be understanding and ask them what they would do next time. Then encourage them to go do it. Speaking of making mistakes…

Let Them Fail

Often times failure leads to the most learning opportunities. When they make a mistake, offer your employees a hand up and an ear to listen. Don’t make the consequence severe unless the result is severe. Reiterate you believe in them.

Remove Obstacles

Some obstacles are difficult or impossible for employees to overcome. Some of them are simple and easy for you to see. Remove them. Don’t force them to go through the ring of fire unless it’s necessary.

Give Them a Stretch Goal


Provide goals that both encourage learning new skills and build a path for them to whatever the next stop in their career is such as moving up in the company. Have the confidence and delegate one of your duties to them. Give them the one-on-one training they’ll need to do it. They will love this time with you and the opportunity to take on more responsibility and learn new skills!

Give Them Credit (Publicly)

Ensure you give the employee(s) involved 100% credit when an employee earns recognition for the unit. Knowing that you won’t assume credit will build trust with you and naturally encourage them to keep achieving.

What are some other ways that you help your team do their best? Please share in the comments! Thank you for reading!


Author: Joe Croarkin

Husband, father of three, brother of four

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