You can watch this video, https://youtu.be/OiEYCQMe_Gg, if you have a few minutes or read more about me below!

I am a manager, leader, and coach who will help those who are looking to break through their own barriers on their way to success, from age 6 to age 99.

I am interested in the human spirit, seeing if I can help people achieve more than they thought. I don’t do it for the recognition, but I do it for the joy it brings me to see others succeed.

I do this every day at my job. I help my employees who are leaders achieve more and push on farther in their careers. I do this with my children, challenging them along the way, both in body and mind. I do this with Little League baseball teams, working with the children that will listen to try to get better, from the worst player on the team up to the best.

My values are open, honest communication with a minimum of negative messages. Listening with the assumption of positive intent. Working hard to achieve what you want and willing to try different things to overcome obstacles. Joy when a milestone is reached. Resolve to make it to the next milestone. Trust that I will do my best to help them and that they will do their best to make the right choices and give their best effort.